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Slow Tasting

In collaboration with Mark Epler MFA '17 and Nikhil Naker of North Bakery, on February 26, 2016, "a table built for conversation" was realized via a sold-out, one-night, Slow Tasting. 

The following are excerpts from the night's program:

The following are excerpts from the night's program:


The dining table easily becomes a cluttered surface for an assortment of items and activities.  As such, tablets, phones, and laptops can be as consistent a dining companion as our partners, our guests or our family members.  In exploring concepts related to the theme of relational balance, this project was developed in efforts to question how two or more persons might slow down, to have a greater sense of intentional engagement and relational nourishment enjoying the ordinary sacred ritual of sharing a meal without the intrusion of digital distraction.  In this form, the table, our most versatile piece of everyday furniture, is distilled into a form with a singular function, which seeks to bring greater attention to the person(s) it is shared with, the objects placed upon it, and the food contained therein.

Have a seat, eat drink and enjoy!  It is the artist’s hope that this piece is a unique experience which helps nurture and nourish a space for conversation about our relationship with others, the food we eat, and the digital content we consume.


Mark Epler is a Graduate student at RISD studying Furniture Design with a background in residential construction, fine art, and woodworking.  Mark has a specific interest in wood as his primary material and is pursuing the perfection of craft in making beautiful, bespoke objects for meaningful and enduring interaction.

If you would like to get in touch with Mark you can contact him at: MEPLER@RISD.EDU




Course 1


kale salsa, toasted sunflower seeds, cumin


Course 2


korean miso, rice cakes, chive capers


Course 3


coconut curd, shortbread, almond



Nikhil Naker is a Johnson and Whales University Graduate and the resident sando artiste and lunch magician at North Bakery.  He enjoys picking the perfect playlist to pair with your Kale Salad and Hand Pie.